We gave Sayed a big Thanks for their quick and great work on the file.  He is very prompt.

Michael Goldberg

Professor, CWRU

Sayed transcribed My One-on-One Tutoring Sessions with A Preschool Student and did great.

Lauren McCabe

PhD., Vanderbilt University

He is excellent and very professional in the service. I really enjoyed working with Sayed.

Lisa Breddermann

Controller, Bosch Security Systems

Great, thorough job done by Sayed with the Conference Calls and it was awesome.

Jesse Weiss

Director Growth, mParticle

Toronto Wealth Group used Sayed with the seminar recordings and he did awesome.

Jeffrey Tam

FA, Toronto Wealth Group

Thanks Sayed, I am happy with what you have given me. I will proceed to work with you more. 

Kylie Denton

Director, Performance Advisory Group

Innovation LLC hired Sayed  for their Conference Calls. He is awesome at what he does.

Bess Wiley

VP, Innovation LLC

Sayed did good overall, was kind of expensive for the quality. All in all quality, timely work.

Daniel Palomo

Founder, Green Vegetarian Cuisine

Sayed offered great quality transcription services. He did it per audio minute basis.

Ashley Dymock de Tello

Founder, Borderless Books

Sayed Did a difficult job very well and on time, I’ll come back to you if I have projects in  future. 

Shelley Bridgman

Speaker, Shelley Bridgman LLC

Sayed finishes the work good and on time. I willl consider Sayed for  future projects.

Kevin Moran

Founder, Kevin Moran LLC

Absolutely top job.Sayed helped me out as other contractor left me. Great job.

Chris Wimshurst

Sales Coach, Progress Boom

Thanks Sayed for the hard work. I appreciate the timeliness and clarity. I will definitely contact you with future projects.

SP Research

Owner, SP Research Institute

We needed Transcription of interviews. Sayed is Very good with communication.

Rob Haggart

CEO, aPhotoFolio.com

We needed Gneral Board Minutes interviews.  We hired Sayed and they are good.

Carolyn Fryson

Special Assistant, COGIC

We needed Transcribe audio interviews to text. Prompt turnaround by Sayed!,

Bryony Cole

Femtech, Fuze Inc.

We needed  Transcriber s for our interviews. Sayed is Very good with what he do.

Anna Davlantrs

Journalist, Fox News

We needed Transcription  of Recorded Calls. 2iQ Research hired Sayed and did well.

Patrick Hable

CEO, 2iQ Research

Professional, prompt and high quality work! I would highly recommend Sayed’s service.

Dr. Robert Cleve

Professor, CSOP Psychology

We needed Transcription of interviews.   Sayed is Very good with communication.

Rob Haggart

CEO, aPhotoFolio.com

Channel Productions needed Transcription of audio files.  We are satisfied so far.

Matthew Tollin

MD, Channel Productions

Sayed performed the transcription task very well and quickly. Excellebt service overall.

Eddy Francot

Engineer, Total E&P

We needed Audio to Text Transcription of interviews.   Sayed is really  good at his words.

Raghuram Sukumar

CEO, 41Square LLC

We had Bad audio – but need transcription asap. Sayed is Very good with delivery.

Tammi DeVille Merrell

CEO, Hire With Ease

Transcription was good, Very glad to work with Sayed. Will definitely work with him.

Ian White Maher

Minister, IanWhiteMaher.com

We needed to Transcribe audio file. We were very lucky to have found Sayed as a service.

Leroy Lowe, PhD

President, Getting to Know Cancer

Transcription – PhD study, Sayed transcribed each conversation in one format with time notes. Awesome.

Omar Salha

CEO, Ramadan Tent Project

Sayed did Interview transcription for us, That’s it for now, thanks for the good work!

Prof. Dan MacLean

Bioinformatics, The Sainsbury Laboratory

Thanks Sayed for the help. Sayed did awesome in the job and they are timely. 

Nate Sauder

Founder, Praxis Pioneering

Thanks Sayed for get the CD recordings transcribed into eBooks for us.

David Nottage

Director, Torque Business

Sayed is great! He did a lot of  project with us and it was great. We will be hiring him again.

Dartise Johnson

Video Journalist, Fox News

Sayed transcribed Conference Calls and it was great. I will share files with a Google Drive link.

Brandon Carter

VP, Simple Booth

Thank you Sayed! Awesomes, thorough job done by Sayed. Great overall.

Bob Burton

Director, RWB

Connex Partners giving a big thank you  for the Sayed’s effort. We will be in touch.

Jennifer McGrail

VP, Connex Partners

We needed Experienced transcribers for large academic project. Sayed is great.

Katie Orchel

PhD., University of Exeter

Avalaura’s Healing Center hired Sayed for their Dream Interpretation Transcription and did great.

Avalaura Gaither

Coach, Avalaura's Healing Center

Sayed’s job was Converting our recording to text. I like Sayed’s very good work ethic.

Matthew Cameron

Producer, Cameron Productions

Sayed writes well. I like his very good work ethic. Fnally, a great job done .

Mich Apolo

CEO, mpagedev unlimited

Sayed transcribed 15 hours of recording for us. They are organized. Finally good output.

Walid Halty

CEO, Dvinci.co

Sayed is very active and ambitious. Thank you for your job. Well accomplished.

John Gonzalez

CEO, John Gonzalez Inc.

PF Contract Investigations & Management Services hired Sayed  and he did well trasncription for us.

Paul Federico

CEO, PF M'ment Services

Great job! All of my meetings are now transcribed. Kudos Sayed for the work.

Steven Jones

CEO, Steven Jones Inc.

We found Sayed did a good job overall and he is really accurate and timely.

Sasha Speer


Sayed’s service were accurate. He is Very very friendly, thorough and timely.

Heather Thomas

CEO, Thomas Productions

We are looking for someone can help me on the on going bases. We found Sayed to help us. 

Eng Sivieng

SMSF Specialist, TMS

We want some videos to be transcribed for us.Sayed was great in his job.

Ken Tamplin

Founder, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Sayed is great. He is prompt in responding to messages. excellent job done by Sayed. Cool.

Peggy Albers

Professor, GSU

Marketing Agency hired Sayed for Interview transcription. Liked their service.

Steve K

CEO, Marketing Agency

Sayed Transcribed 4 focus groups that were comprised of multiple speakers. He Did well. 

Matt Baehr

CEO, Windridge Enterprises

We needed Transcriptionist for educational videos and hired Transcribe City for the transcription.

Kait Tyler

Producer, It's About Time

Sayed is excellent. A true professional service. Loved it all the way. A class by them.

Michael Lyons

CEO, Michael Lyons Inc.

New Leaf Marketing needed Professional Transcriber and Sayed is excellent in their job.

Brian Watson

CEO, New Leaf Marketing

MBX needed to Transcribe technical meeting and Sayed is excellent for us.

Manny Berrios


We needed audio transcription for our company. Sayed is a true professional at his service.

Vitaliy Levit

Consultant , Productboard

Transcribing audio files done by Sayed is excellent. A true professional in the space.

M Garza


Sayed is excellent. A true professional service. Loved it all the way. A class by them.

Michael Lyons

CEO, Michael Lyons Inc.

Sayed Transcribed our AUDIO. He is excellent in his service. Loved it.

Lutz Finger

Product Manager, Google

Sayed  helped Converting recordings in English into MS word

Dinesh Sood

CEO, ExIm NZ Limited

Transcription Services required by us, Good work Sayed, excellent in his service.

Khuram S.


Sayed is Rockstar Transcriptionist, Fantastic work. Followed instructions perfectly.

Sean Patrick Simpson

CEO, Soul Space Media

Transcription of The interviews are quite emotional. Sayed is a Rockstar.

Yeo Kai Wen

CEO, The Yeo Gallery

Sayed did Audio Transcription Services  for us. We Needed it soon and get delivered on time.

Suzanne Muchin

CEO, Mind + Matter Studio

The quality of work did by Sayed was good, as it was the last time. We are satisfied.

Tara MacLachlan

CEO, 11 Communications

Thanks Sayed, You guys did great. I will be reviewing it today and releasing the funds soon.

Kathy McJacobson

Consumer Insights, DCI-Artform

JK Economical Services needed Legal Transcription and we found Sayed. Great job done .

Kendria Brown

CEO, JKEconomicalServices

Sayed’s Interview transcription was more than Perfect, Talk to you later. Fantastic work.

Nicklas Rasmussen

Trader, Danske Commodities

Sayed did online video transcription for us. We were amazed by the quality he provides.

Dr. Nehal Almerbati

A. Professor, University of Bahrain

I enjoy Sayed’s work so much. He is super professional and meet our requirements.

Vanessa Crecci

PhD., University of Campinas

Sayed’s work was of good quality and on time. Our transcripition done was awesome.

Chris Lamatsch

Coach, Saudi Telecom Company

We needed English transcription service on daily basis and he helped us tremendously.

Fisher Hwang

CEO, Xpertrans Languages Services Co.

Sayed’s experience certainly suggest that he is more than capable. We will surely hire him again.

Stephen M. Putonti

Attorney, Putonti Law Firm

Photographic Elements Thanks Sayed for doing the Transcribing. Well done with the recordings.

Chris Parker

Photographer, Photographic Elements

Great job done by Sayed. Ennovaty needed Transcription for the company. He did great.

Joe Korakin

CEO, Ennovaty

John Williams Inc. hired Sayed for their  transcription. Overall great job done.

John Williams

CEO, John Williams Inc.

Work done successfully by Sayed! He is a Hard worker, dedicated and loyal!

Kush Desai

CEO, Assist. Hiring Team

Sayed Transcribed the conversation via audio file. Delivered in a word document.I think I’m all set. 

Angie Fisher

Reiki, AMF Companies

Sayed was super fast and good delivery well on time. Thanks dude. Will hire again.

A Fitzgerald Hardnett

Consultant, Local Market Authority

Sayed was very prompt in working on this project. A difficult project done within deadline.

Evan Lieberman

CEO, Evan Lieberman Inc.

Sayed has Prompt communication and understanding of job. Met deadline as promised.

Danny Wulwick

CEO, Bolt Asset Management

As a Journalist we  used Sayed’s service and they were great at what they do.

Johann Harscoet

Journalist, Bouncymedia

Irt was a pleasure to work with Sayed. Very quick turnaround and great quality work.

Frederic Lucas

Author, Growth Resources, Inc.

Thanks Sayed for the transcription. Appreciate your time and clean transcription.

Maike Weber

Manager, Digitalhelden GmbH

Transcribe City transcribed interview audio files to a Microsoft word document for us. Transcribe City did well.

Nicolas Dolce

Consultant, Deloitte Finland

Sayed transcribed Interviews tapes for us. What a quality. Top class and top rated.

Caeser Pink

Artist, Arete living arts

Sayed did a good job with the transcription, I have my own inexperience in judging.

Madison Condon

CEO, Madison Condon LLC.

Sayed did a good job with the transcription, The job was Transcription of audio files to text

Rudy Tewelde

Data Science, UNCW

Hiring Sayed was the first time and I am  impressed. His return time is fast ands are flawless.

Loretta Grantham

Editor, Naples Illustrated

Sayed did a good job with the Translation service we needed.  Happy with the service.

Jenna Starmer

Mkting Manager, Datavail

Sayed did a good job with the transcription. Island Syndicate is happy with the service.

Calibe Thompson

Branding, Island Syndicate

Great communication once again, Excellent to deal with, great communication. Very professional.

Alison McQueen

Branding, A McQueen Inc.

Sayed helped me transcribe our recordings. Did well. Highly recommend.

Stacy Goldberg

Director, Braun Ink

WXM MEDIA, LLC needed transcription done. Sayed’s Great and accurate at transcription, thanks!

Wen H

Branding, WXM MEDIA, LLC

Sayed is great to work with – we are super impressed. He needed little direction and  excellent work.

Tara MacLachlan

CEO, 11 Communications

Hired Sayed for Transcription – sports interviews, we will hire him for excellent work.

Mark Jardine

CEO, Yachts and Yachting Online

Sayed was really really great and we found very good work done by Sayed. Super impressed.

Jonathan Geilhufe

CEO, Evolution Valley

This Transcription service is quick. He is great to work with – we are super impressed. Excellent work.

DJ Pritchard

CEO, NLP Institute of Arizona

We need 30 hours of video transcribed into a Word document. Sayed helped us in a great way.

Kristyn Caetano

Business Coach, Elixify Your Life

Sayed delivered the transcription quickly and in high quality. We highly recommend this.

Dirk Röhrborn

MD, Communardo Software

Great work! Very good with communication and is consistent in the time spent on projects.

Joshua Wong

PhD., Stanford University

Sayed’s communication was super incredible. He finishes the work well on time and with quality.

Ruud Sneep

PhD, Tilburg University

Sayed did a Good job for our transcription. We needed to work on google sheets.

Matt Steffen

President, The Marketing Agency

Thanks Sayed for the work. Transcribing Seminars was a great effort. 

Paula Hemmings

Mentor, Kick Ass Talks

Sayed is very reliable and did a great job for us without any hassle. Great overall.

Andrea Ferretti

Host, Yogaland Podcast

Conscious LifeNews needed transcription for our business meetings. Great effort. 

Ross Pittman

CEO, Conscious LifeNews

Magis Inc. needed article writing for our business. We gave a big thank you  for the Sayed’s effort. 

Dann Marquez

CEO, Magis Inc.

FORMATION COMPENTENCE PRO needed transcription done. Sayed is Fast and reliable. 

Jean-Claude Campos


Calendly is giving a big thank you  for Sayed’s incredible effort. Well done.

Nkem Nwankwo

Manager, Calendly

Thanks Sayed for doing my project. His work is excellent with tight deadline.

Benjamin Ryan

Editor, Smart + Strong

The McCalmon Group needs transcription job done and Sayed helped us tremendously.

Michael Collins

PM, The McCalmon Group

Priorities hired Sayed for doing a series of transcription jobs. Incredible quality as always.


CEO, Priorities

Thanks Sayed for doing a series of translations with poor sound and tight deadline.

Jakob Krogh

Journalist, Danish B'casting Corporation

Sayed’s communication was super incredible. He finishes the work well on time and with quality.

Saleema Burney

PhD., University of London

Sayed did great. I will be reviewing it today and releasing the funds soon.

Kate Petrova

Recruiter, Helm

We have some recording to transcribe and we found Sayed’s service great and on time.

Ani Mason

Attorney, Mason Law & Mediation, LLC

As always Great job done by Sayed. Thanks Sayed for helping us.

David Waters

Owner, David Waters Productions

Thanks Sayed for the great job. I’ll forward you more files as we get them.

Debt Advocate

Owner, Student Debt Advocates

Magis Inc. needed article writing for our business. We gave a big thank you  for the Sayed’s effort. 

Dann Marquez

CEO, Magis Inc.

We are looking for a company to transcribe for us. We found Sayed and he did Great work.

Yvonne Teng

Senior Consultant, Linksbridge

Sayed is highly motivated and delivered work ontime. We love his service.

Guillermo Hernández

PM, DukascopyTV

Sayed is Good, would defiantly use again A+++. highly motivated and delivered work ontime.

Samuel Cunningham

CEO, Samuel Cunningham Inc.

Excellent work done by Sayed , the contract transcribed a long, complex recording very well.

Kyle Cordes

CEO, Oasis Digital Solutions

Sayed is Good in what they offer. We need Transcriptions done ASAP and they are prompt.

Jeff Cohen

Manager, Sound Promotions LLC

Sayed is up for Transcribing English Audio Files. What a Good outcome in the service.

Paul Vogelsang

Business, North Water Partners

Sayed is Good in what they offer. We need Transcriptions done ASAP and they are prompt.

Jeff Cohen

Manager, Sound Promotions LLC

Just a great thing to work together with you! Very well done! I can truly recommend Sayed.

Erich Lehmann

CEO, Jarviis

Sayed did an excellent job on this project. I would recommend him for technical interviews..

Kevin Benterud

CEO, Semino Communications Inc.

Project went well and it was delivered on time. Quality was good although the accent was a bit difficult.

Jukka Ihatsu

CEO, Spoken Oy

Sayed is Good and super Easy to work with. He is prompt in delivering.

Gene Monterastelli

CCO, Tapping Q & A

Great piece of work from by Sayed. We need Transcriptions done ASAP and he is quick.

John Wilson

CEO, onlinevents.co.uk

Sayed is great at Audio Transcription, It looks like you’ve done a lot of transcription. Great.

Justin Abbott Chalew


Sayed’s is very good at Transcribing Video Interviews for us,  He is prompt.

Wesley Reisz

CEO, C4Media

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